Vintage Walking Tour

Milan, Italy

Come with us for a walking tour around Milan, discovering the best vintage shops.


half day experience, from 10.00am to 1.00pm




Saturday March 26th


€40 per person


10 people

COVID-19 policy:

to participate you have to show a super green pass, proving you're vaccinated, have tested negative for a molecular or rapid swab in the previous 48 hours or have been recovered from COVID-19 in the previous 4 months.

The Plan:

Spend a half day immersed in the Milanese Vintage scene. During the tour, Cecilia will show you her vintage hidden gems around the city while sharing some tips on sustainable fashion and some curiosities about the history of Milan. From fashion accessories to second hand design items and jewels, you’ll discover the best spots to add to you address book. Are you ready to explore Milan from another perspective and discover more on sustainable shopping?

Your guide:

Class of 1997, Cecilia Cottafavi was born and raised in Milan. She graduated in Archeology and founded the project Maertens Milano to raise awareness on sustainable shopping and show her beloved hometown. Today she collaborates with various vintage shops throughout Italy, sharing advice and knowledge on the subject of second hand.

40€ per person