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Restaurant in Milan


Gwen Stefani says Harajuku? Milan answers Shimokitazawa or, actually, Shimokita, to mention the latest creation opened by Luca Guelfi in the ever-so-cool foodies’ international district of Via Archimede, a few steps away from the Mexican heaven Canteen and the stylish Vietnamese hub Saigon. Shimokitazawa is Tokyo’s most creative, pop and underground district, still not so popular among tourists and hence truly picturesque and very inspiring. Talking Tokyo going Milan, Shimokita brings the kaleidoscopic vibes of the most unconventional, avant-garde Japanese streets to the glamorous Italian fashion capital, serving an eclectic mix of innovative fusion dishes – including tapas, roll, nigiri and sashimi – in a colorful, hypnotizing environment entirely decorated by Mr. Wany’s futuristic street art. Order Shrimp Popcorn to start with then jump on a bright Pink Dragon and fly over to Tokyo for an authentic sake experience shared with your favorite Astroboy partner. We got you confused? A glimpse at the menu will surely help.

Via Archimede, 14, 20129 Milan, Italy
+39 0255185947