Organic Savanna


Support a social enterprise to grow bringing your skills while getting to know the local tribes, dances and languages.

1°17'0"S 36°49'2"E


10 days


Near Nairobi, Kenya


all year long


starting from $1000


15 accommodations


Social Experience


Organic Savanna is a Kenyan social enterprise that was born in response to the poverty. The community planted 30,000 aloe plants and started making ethical aloe based products (soap, lotion, lip balm and candles) to empower people. They reinvest 100% of the profits in the community, they have created 78 jobs (aiming at 500) and they have funded education for 500+ children.


Stay in the farm, enjoying people and homemade meals with locally cultivated ingredients. Each day activities will be customized for each guests and they will take place in the morning and in the afternoon:

VOLUNTEERING: Share your professional skills so the community and the business can benefit from them (advertising, marketing, coaching, computer skills)

EXPLORING: Choose the activities you would like to learn or practice such as cooking class, Nairobi tours, candles making, Swahili learning, etc.