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Restaurant in Milan

Vasiliki Kouzina

What to do when you’re having serious summer nostalgia? Indulge into Mediterranean flavours, of course. Overlooking Via Clusone’s Habsburg buildings in the chaotic area that is Milan’s Porta Romana, you’ll find Vasiliki Pierrakea’s restaurant, Vasiliki Kouzina. Unlike many Greek places, characterised by the bog-standard blue and white table cloths, Vasiliki Kouzina’s interiors are bold and contemporary. Earthy lamps, small mirrors and completely red ceilings of Pompeian hue, give an almost dramatic vibe to the place. The kitchen is instead characterised by simple flavours re-imagined in a modern key by the owner in collaboration with chef Giannis Baxevanis. A must try? The honey drizzled octopus with onions and red wine and the roast with figs and celery.

Via Clusone, 6, 20135, MI
02 9438 1405