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Hotel in Florence


Numeroventi is located in the heart of Florence, within Palazzo Galli Tassi, a gorgeous mansion from the XVI century now renovated in Scandinavian minimalistic style. This is all about Numeroventi: a boutique hotel, artist residency and charming venue for events. The atmosphere is peaceful and chilled, encouraging minds to rest and ideas to flow. The sophisticated Loft Apartments are reflective spaces where guests can dwell while enjoying the pleasure of creative idleness; the Artist Residence is an inspiring hub where both Italian and international artists – either established or emerging ones – may stay while working in a collaborative and sociable atmosphere. Experience Numeroventi to discover an open-minded house of art where innovation meets classicism in a virtuous circle of never-ending beauty.

Via dei Pandolfini, 20, 50122 Firenze FI, Italy
+39 055 388 0695