Sarzana Walking Tour

Sarzana, Italy

Come with us to discover Sarzana


Half day experience. from 16.00 to 19.00 pm




Saturday September 24th


€40 per person including welcome gift and merenda


Maximum of 12 people

The Plan:

Lorenzo Bises will bring you around Sarzana, his home away from home in Liguria, for a walking tour to discover some of his favourite shops and hidden gems in town. Between a house museum and a beautiful textile shop, we’ll stop for breakfast together and Lorenzo will show you all the places he always go to that make Sarzana so special.

Your guide:

Born in 1987, Lorenzo Bises lives in Milan, a city he knows like the back of his hand. Graduated in art history and passionate about vintage, flea markets, historic shops and bicycle rides, he’s been sharing art and culture on Instagram for years. He recently made his debut with a podcast with some biographical hints called "La Non (no) moda”.

40€ per person