Profumini Walking Tour


Come with us to discover the niche perfumes world


Half day experience. from 10.30 to 12.00




Saturday May 21st


€30 per person including welcome gift


Maximum of 10 people

The Plan:

Come with us for a walking tour around Milan's city centre to discover the world of niche perfumes, Michela D'Angelo and Maria Host-Ivessich will introduce you to some of their favourite boutiques and will guide you to understand which scents you prefer.

Your Guides:

Michela D'Angelo - Passionate about Art and Design, Michela is a stylist and fashion consultant working in Milan. She has a strong passion for niche perfumes, and is especially a lover and expert of incense perfumes. Maria Host-Ivessich - Maria is an art director with a great passion for perfumery - gourmand perfumes being her favourite - now transformed into work thanks to project, created with the aim of bringing awarness to the world of niche perfumes.